Biochemistry and biology: Oxygen and Fragile Glass Beaker

 Essay about Chemistry: Air and Sensitive Glass Beaker


My spouse and i am chemistry. I are mysterious and mature, malodorous, yet vivacious. I am a heaving search for answers to all types of interesting concerns. I are extremely broad, that I terme conseille with all the additional natural savoir. I am the fundamental unit of matter-the atom-only to appear by the highest effective microscope. I grow in the dashing, fiery fire in a sensitive glass beaker over a bunsen burner and develop

effective rocket powers. I am a clamorous explosion of two

burnable chemicals intermixed in a clinical. I i am liquid moving from one conduit to another, " volumous" gas, and clustered solids. I actually am one of the most abundant element in the Globe's crust, a thick, umbrella of gas enveloping the Earth, providing smells necessary for the support of plants and animals. I am the colorless surroundings that is breathed in continuously. I am the falling rain tah pours if the sun can be shining, the white, damp snow that drifts in children's dreams, and the darting hail that prevents tiny boys and girls to attend school. We am the vivid element of life. We shield safety for those under me in the sun's powerful heat. My spouse and i am fed and consumed by people who go through food cravings. As acid contained in the body, I process food and clean out toxins. I was a needy hope for a cure, yet toxic, slowly growing in the air and along the land. I am the colourful fireworks " sprocketed" over the dark sky when the touch of two soft lip area are lightly pressed with each other. I are the warm tears trickling slowly down a children's face when the thought of gonna school all alone crosses his mind. We am te pure excitement every time a couple fall in like. I was rubbed roughly against a grimy body and massaged along a baby's butt. Old or modern, I i am vigorous.

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