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How might IKEA's functions design differs from the others from that on most conventional household furniture retail operations? Discuss the operations design and style while inspecting the positive advantages towards client satisfaction and company's growth.

Being one of the famous brands for furniture, IKEA has its operations design and style that had been confirmed successful based on the growth with the company throughout the years of organization. IKEA's eyesight is clear which can be ‘to build a better everyday life for the numerous people' and aims to provide well-designed and functional household furniture at an extremely low price that as many persons as possible should be able to afford them.

Unlike various other convention home furniture retail, IKEA stores are situated at the most tactical location in major metropolitan areas with large population denseness to capture all the target audiences in that place (Ikeafans, n. d). The designs of IKEA stores happen to be large in size (Fabian, 2006). It features not just the showrooms yet also other facilities such as a large car park to accommodate significant volume of vehicles and simplicity customer disappointment to find car parking space. In which else regular furniture retails are small , usually does not such service.

In terms of merchandise, IKEA gives a wide range of pieces of furniture for home and workplace use. By providing a wide selection of furniture, customers can choose the furniture that best suit all their style and purposes that creates benefit for customers (Jacobson, n. d). It is vital to have a wide range of variety for customers to decide on because everybody does have several needs and wants specially in Malaysia that consist of multiple racial persons and also different culture. In comparison with other conventional furniture price tag, there are limited choices for customers due to the scale the store that can not offer as much variety of furniture while IKEA truly does.

One can easily recognized the appearance of the pieces of furniture that IKEA offers due to the modem, simple and yet efficient design. The design of IKEA household furniture take space efficiency into account where client does not have to worry if the furniture will take up a lot of space with their house and appears bulky. A number of the designs also allow customer to assemble their furniture in several ways allowing them to DO-IT-YOURSELF according for their style. Household furniture is usually designed in a ‘flat pack' for easy transportation that customer grab home and assembles at home (Wisegeek, d. d). This kind of eliminates the necessity of having huge transport to move the pieces of furniture from the stockroom to clients house and in addition reduce labor force to carry hefty and completely assembled home furniture into customer's house. This kind of contributes to IKEA's cost performance concept that able to offer pieces of furniture at a really low price. Where customer may need to pay extra charges for transportation and labor function if they will purchase their very own furniture from all other conventional household furniture retail.

The full IKEA stores are built based on self-service principle therefore all of the retail store is designed to guideline customers over the whole shopping for process. Inside the entrance of each IKEA stores, there are huge notice panels providing tips to buyers who by no means been to IKEA and info such as the location of the specific kind of products that customers are searching for. Catalogues are provided to supply further details and pictures.

Though IKEA shops are designed in self-service principle, customers can at any time request assistance pertaining to sales rep if needed (IKEA, and. d). This will encourage customers to make their particular decision to pick what they appreciate instead of additional conventional pieces of furniture retail wherever sales rep suggesting goods that might unfit the requirements and wants of customers. Besides that there is a specially designed space for children to try out and a small cinema exactly where parents can leave youngsters to have fun under supervised environment therefore parents may have a better shopping experience (IKEA, n. d). There is also...

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