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Today in culture it seems the government is taking away a growing number of of our legal rights. A rules that I would like to discuss is the seat belt law. " New york city was the initial state to a regulation which required vehicle residents to wear seat belts, a legislation that came in to effect on December 1, 1984. ” Where i came from here in Indiana, they approved their first seat belt rules on This summer 1, 1987. If you were pulled over in Indiana after September 1, 1987 and you were not wearing your seat belt, and over the age of 18, you would obtain a $25 excellent. This rules makes simply no sense to my opinion. What about each of the children which might be 16 years of age and underneath? Why might our federal government include any person 16 years of age and old in this legislation, but not incorporate children within the age of 16? When they initially passed this kind of law this excluded any individual riding in a 52 pick up or a VEHICLE titled like a truck. In Dec 30, 2008 Indianapolis passed a law saying that all persons whether in a car or truck, must wear a seat belt, and any kid under the regarding 8 years old must be restrained in a car seat. " Indianapolis law as well makes it illegal to drive in the pickup bed of a passenger truck or to have an overabundance occupants in a vehicle than seat belts. ” Officials say that the passing of this law, and the utilization of click that or ticket has increased the application of seat belts in Indiana. There are a few conditions to this law. Persons taking care of a farm building, driving a farm pickup truck, delivery drivers, people riding in the back of an recreational vehicle, or perhaps ambulance, people riding in a public power emergency and occupants other than the owner of a garbage truck, tow line truck, or a truck over a construction site, and those who may have a doctors excuse exempting them in the law. The child restraint legislation was padding in Indiana in This summer 1, 2006. " Indiana's new automobile, and kid restraint rules took effect July1, 2006. ” Infants until they can be at least 1 year of...


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