Sixth Sense Technology/ Human Pc Interaction

 Sixth Sense Technology Man Computer Discussion Essay

Since the daybreak of the initial computers made available to the public, our culture as a whole, in addition to the way we interact with the earth, has been changing and covering in order to contain these technical advances within our daily lives. These developments in technology have been changing our world in many ways, and while there are countless benefits the particular innovations include brought to every fields whether it is social, medical, educational, or recreational, there are people who fear that these solutions are having an adverse impact on existence by building a divide within our reality. The two sides of the division are between the physical world as well as the digital community, the physical world being what we interact with daily outside of technology as well as the digital universe being that which in turn we interact with when we go surfing, computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices. However with this in mind a large number of people involved in creating technologies have been coming up with ideas that allow all of us to interact with technology through more physical means of insight rather than level click as well as the use of a keyboard, These kinds of new growing methods of input include tone and feel capabilities. These kinds of innovations are the building blocks in linking the gap between the physical and digital universe. One recent development which includes the capability of implementing a system society can easily interact with the two world of information and physical world is a " SixthSense” project.

The SixthSense job is a good idea started by Pranav Mistry and his co-workers from the Smooth Interfaces Group based out from the MIT Press lab. This organization has its own projects which are all founded on a few common goals. This goal may come to fruition by focusing on innovations. These kinds of Innovations include enhancing the experience of using technology by employing ways to associated with experience seem more hands on, and Augmenting common things we run into daily in order that they have a use past our physical interaction...

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